E' uscito il nuovo numero dell'European Journal of Pain.

Questi gli argomenti:

-Exercise in Parkinson’s disease: Experimental‐induced pain sensitivity is reduced already after short term training

-Cornea nerve fibre state determines analgesic response to tapentadol in fibromyalgia patients without effective endogenous pain modulation

-Age‐related differences in the acute pain facial expression during infancy

-Neuropsychological functions of verbal recall and psychomotor speed significantly affect pain tolerance

-Masseter corticomotor excitability is decreased after intramuscular administration of nerve growth factor

-Associations between pain thresholds for heat, cold and pressure, and Pain Sensitivity Questionnaire scores in healthy women and in women with persistent pelvic pain

-The central sensitization inventory predict pain‐related disability for musculoskeletal disorders in the primary care setting

-Psychological pain responses in athletes and non‐athletes with low back pain: Avoidance and endurance matter

-The relation between parental chronic pain, pain‐related attention and interpretation biases in pain‐free adolescents

-Pain vs. comfort diary: A fully remote app‐based experiment

-Ziconotide for spinal cord injury‐related pain

-Sensory testing associates with pain quality descriptors during acute dental pain

-Does the heritability of chronic low back pain depend on how the condition is assessed?

-Pain over the adult life course: 15‐year pain trajectories—The Doetinchem Cohort Study Oostrom

-A new experimental model of muscle pain in humans based on short‐wave diathermyComment on “Sándor Márai and painful Guillain‐Barré syndrome” by Alamos et al.

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