Si tratta dell'aggiornamento delle raccomandazioni per la gestione del dolore post-operatorio, a cura dell'Australian New Zealand College of Anaesthetists.

Citiamo dall'introduzione 


Acute Pain Management: Scientific Evidence covers a wide range of clinical topics. The aim of the document is, as with the first three editions, to combine a review of the best available evidence for acute pain management with current clinical and expert practice, rather than to formulate specific clinical practice guidelines. Accordingly, the document aims to summarise the substantial amount of evidence currently available for the management of acute pain in a concise and easily readable form. New and updated content has been incorporated into the content of the previous edition of the book.

This document has been written primarily for medical practitioners and clinicians who are engaged with managing and supporting patients with acute pain. It may also be accessed by consumers who may find the content useful. As always, we would encourage patients to discuss the management of their individual health needs with their doctor and to seek specialist pain advice and treatment if appropriate. A detailed description of the methodology used to generate this document can be found in Appendix B...

Working Group of the Australian New Zealand College of Anaesthetists and its Faculty of Pain Medicine

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