Segnaliamo l'uscita del numero di novembre dell'European Journal of Pain, il periodico curato dall'EFIC, Pain European Federation. 

Volume 23, Issue 10, Novembre 2019


Self‐medication in pain management: The state of the art of pharmacists’ role for optimal Over‐The‐Counter analgesic use


Whole‐body reversible neuropathic pain associated with right parieto‐temporal operculum single inflammatory lesion in a patient with multiple sclerosis: A case report


The effect of intradermal microdosing of a transient receptor potential cation channel subfamily V member 1 antagonist on heat evoked pain and thermal thresholds in normal and ultraviolet‐C exposed skin in healthy volunteers

Exercise‐induced hypoalgesia in young adult females with long‐standing patellofemoral pain – A randomized crossover study

Perception of phasic pain is modulated by smell and taste 

Thin‐fibre receptors expressing acid‐sensing ion channel 3 contribute to muscular mechanical hypersensitivity after exercise

Nerve growth factor‐induced muscle hyperalgesia facilitates ischaemic contraction‐evoked pain

Concurrent validity of a low‐cost and time‐efficient clinical sensory test battery to evaluate somatosensory dysfunction

Maintenance of quality of life improvement for patients with chronic pain and obesity after interdisciplinary multimodal pain rehabilitation – A study using the Swedish Quality Registry for Pain Rehabilitation

Delayed effects of attention on pain sensitivity and conditioned pain modulation

Technical and clinical performance of the thermo‐test device “Q‐Sense” to assess small fibre function: A head‐to‐head comparison with the “Thermal Sensory Analyzer” TSA in diabetic patients and healthy volunteer 

Psychophysical or spinal reflex measures when assessing conditioned pain modulation?

Complex regional pain syndrome: An international survey of clinical practice

Pain inhibitory mechanisms and response to weak analgesics in patients with knee osteoarthritis


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