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Why Europe needs a pain research strategy (Open Access) - Gisèle Pickering,  Mary O’Keeffe,  Kirsty Bannister,  Susanne Becker,  Sonia Cottom,  Felicia J. Cox,  Elon Eisenberg,  David P. Finn,  Thomas Graven-Nielsen,  Mira Meeus,  Andre Mouraux,  Thomas Tölle,  Luis Garcia-Larrea,  Brona M. Fullen


Sex differences in lifetime prevalence of low back pain: A multinational study of opposite-sex twin pairs (Open Access) - Lucas Calais-Ferreira,  Daniel Pozzobon,  Marina B. Pinheiro,  Fiona M. Blyth,  Juan R. Ordoñana,  Glen E. Duncan,  John L. Hopper,  Paulo H. Ferreira,  Manuela L. Ferreira

Communication of pain intensity and unpleasantness through magnitude ratings: Influence of scale type, but not gender of the participant - Hadas Nahman-Averbuch,  Cassidy Hughes,  Marie-Eve Hoeppli,  Kristina White,  James Peugh,  Eric Leon,  Christopher D. King,  Robert C. Coghill

Where does it hurt? Small area estimates and inequality in the prevalence of chronic pain (Open Access) - Marty Lynch,  George Peat,  Kelvin Jordan,  Dahai Yu,  Ross Wilkie

Cognitive-affective changes mediate the mindfulness-based intervention effect on endometriosis-related pain and mental health: A path analysis approach - Marcelo de França Moreira,  Olga Lucia Gamboa,  Marco Aurelio Pinho Oliveira

The impact of shift work on pain recognition, a robust ability among intensive care nurses - Laura Schmidt,  Sara Zabelberg,  Sophie Schlatter,  Inga Adams,  Marion Douplat,  Caroline Perchet,  Marc Lilot,  Amandine Eve Rey,  Stéphanie Mazza

Intra- and interindividual reliability of muscle pain induced by an intramuscular injection of hypertonic saline injection into the quadriceps (Open Access) - Samuel A. Smith,  Ryan Norbury,  Adam J. Hunt,  Alexis R. Mauger

Influence of skin type and laser wavelength on laser-evoked potentials (Open Access) - Ken Steffen Frahm,  Sabata Gervasio,  Federico Arguissain,  André Mouraux

Chronic pain is associated with less grey matter volume in the anterior cingulum, anterior and posterior insula and hippocampus across three different chronic pain conditions (Open Access)  - Nicola Neumann,  Martin Domin,  Carsten-Oliver Schmidt,  Martin Lotze

Pain, mental health and healthcare utilization: Impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on youth with chronic pain, parents and siblings (Open Access - Sabine Soltani,  Tieghan Killackey,  Kathryn A. Birnie,  Sarah Brennenstuhl,  Daniel C. Kopala-Sibley,  Manon Choiniere,  M. Gabrielle Pagé,  Lise Dassieu,  Anaïs Lacasse,  Chitra Lalloo,  Patricia Poulin,  Pablo Ingelmo,  Samina Ali,  Marco Battaglia,  Fiona Campbell,  Andrew Smith,  Myles Benayon,  Isabel Jordan,  Justina Marianayagam,  Lauren Harris,  Vina Mohabir,  Jennifer Stinson,  Melanie Noel,  the COVIDChildPain Team


Chronic pain is no more prevalent in people living with HIV than in their uninfected counterparts in South Africa (Open Access) -  Peter R. Kamerman

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